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The twitter account of Jonny Dutson, someone who is so cool that he was cool before the term cool was even invented.

Some myths say that he invented the term cool but some argue this by stating he stole this term from a setting on an air conditioner.
"Woah dude that car is so JONtotheE!"
by jonzo May 26, 2012

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The Internet TV Show about a group of survivors that land on a mysterious island.They must band together if they hav any hope in surviving. Made using the Halo 2 Engine

Created By PMD Producshizzle

P.S Better Than That Red Vs Blue Show
Gaylo Dialog

Halo001 : Hey wtf happened here
Dopey : We were in a plane crash
Halo001 : A Plane Crash ey? well why coodnt it hav been a car crash or sumfin?
Dopey : ok......was that a joke or are u that stoopid?
Halo001 : Hey im not the one whose name is Dopey
by Jonzo January 02, 2006

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Hes the nephew of lil jon and raps with them and he is good
put yo hand in yo fist y'all
by Jonzo July 14, 2005

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