Village in Northeast Illinois west of Waukegan. Home of 2 major attractions. 1. Six Flags Great America. 2. Gurnee Mills in addition to a lot of other various shopping. People there have cash, but not as much cash as the people in southern areas of Lake County like Lake Forest, Highland Park and Libertyville.
Lets drive to Gurnee so I can go to work.
by 1069 June 26, 2006
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A less offensive term of the word "Nigger". It is derived from rearranging the syllables in the word "Nigger" i.e "Gger" and "Ni".
what a Gurnee!!
by Kilamen January 17, 2017
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giant mall where sailors try to get laid but cant and theres plenty of place to eat or shop. or bum around.
(used in sentence) "when i was in gurnee mills the other day i saw this kid in baggy pants walkin around, and abunch of sailors tryin to get some, but failing
by jesus November 24, 2003
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A mall that is located in Gurnee, Illinois that is very near Six Flags Great America (also located in Gurnee) and is around 1/2 of the distance between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. It is around 1 mile long if you walk from one end of the mall to the other. It is the home of the longest/largest snake in the country, inside of the Serpent Safari Park (right across from the Rainforest Cafe). It is close to a base camp where Sailors are commonly seen, most of the time wanting to pick up chicks, but are commonly unsuccessful. It has been proposed to build a second floor if they get more vendors to open stores. It is competing with the Mall of America to be the largest mall in the country at the moment. There is plenty of expansion that can be used around it, because of its location. Since it is only on one floor, they can go up if they ever so desired.
Me: Hey I'm going to Gurnee Mills today. I'll be back later.
Parents: Ok, see you later.
by izcool April 28, 2006
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Where teenagers in Gurnee go to meet people they meet on myspace; A fun place to hook up and be obnoxious.
Loren: Hey, Lets go to Gurnee Mills Tomorrow
Maggie: alright. are you going to go meet that guy?
Loren: Not today, I just need to go and be obnoxious.. See Phillman and Cathorine maybe..
Maggie: alright.
by whatahottie April 7, 2009
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by not a fuckyou March 5, 2023
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gurnee is a town witch holds many ways of torture for a child, the listing places are as follows for torture. woodland middle, woodland intermediate, and warren high. all of these places are places you can send your kid to bring them hell.
and dont forget about the mall oh the mall, gurnee mills the main attraction of the target practice at the place has a robbery every month. but if you like six flags I have some great news, they have shootings every Tuesday. thats right folks if you want to go have a shout out go to fuck you in the ass drive where all our dreams come true
hey you want to go to gurnee
"nah i am done with my target practice."
ya mean at school
by not a fuckyou March 5, 2023
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