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Gleeder is an English expression many in the East Midlands use for when you get a big puss

spot come up on your face or body
Cor look at the size of that gleeder on your cheek

Let me squeeze that huge gleeder on your shoulder
by JohnnyWonder October 01, 2018

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East Midlands slang, extension of wog, derogatory, when something is stolen, specifically by a person of colour .
I left my bike outside the shop for five minutes , but somebody wogged it .
by JohnnyWonder November 10, 2020

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ยท flamin Nora (Britain, mildly vulgar) Expressing surprise, irritation, etc.
Flamin Nora , the bus driver saw me running to the bus stop but drove right past
by JohnnyWonder February 12, 2021

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