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The transcendental state of being sublimely happy, conjoined inexorably with the sense of primal self-satisfaction, on a persistently self-renewing and effortless basis.

This state broadcasts itself loudly and clearly, without the need ever to speak a word…

It is the pure essence of loving self-acceptance and self-appreciation which makes the possessor IRRESISTIBLY, COMPELLINGLY ATTRACTIVE to others simply because just being around someone who is THAT comfortable and positive feels so good, IT IS ADDICTIVE!
"I really admire Sir Richard Branson, his successfulness really comes through in interviews. It's hard to imagine him stressing about anything!"
by Johnny Soporno June 21, 2017
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Recovering PUA ("Pick Up Artist") - N. A person who, after studying mass-marketed 'Pick Up Techniques' and putting them into practise, discovers that he is not any happier, nor self-satisfied, nor socially-calibrated than he was before - only now he cannot communicate with people except in 'PUA jargon', and has alienated all his non-PUAfriends.
"Have you noticed the change in Larry? I'm not embarrassed to be seem with him anymore!"

"Yeah, he's a Recovering Pick Up Artist; he's got it mostly under control now. If he starts ignoring us to hit on every girl around, or if he starts dehumanizing women, we're supposed to call his Sponsor."
by Johnny Soporno May 3, 2008
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To have reduced something substantially, to the point where said thing is no longer sufficiently complete to be considered to be that thing, prior to an action's being performed to reconstitute it.

Note: Reconstitution may require a single simple step (such as adding boiling water), or a complex plurality of steps, but the potential for returning said thing to its original form must have been intended for deconstitution to have taken place. If reconstitution was not intended, then the thing was merely destroyed/consumed/ruined etc.
Example 1:

Son: "Do we have any Thai green curry left?"

Mom: "Sure, it's in the cupboard. It's deconstituted, though, so you'll need to add two cans of coconut milk, some basil, and toss in some chicken meat, and then cook it on medium-high for about 10 minutes."

Son: "So that's a "no", then."

Example 2:

Lawyer: "I got those files you sent me in my email, but I can't do anything with them. I sent them to my IT people, and they couldn't even identify what they were supposed to be? They must have become corrupted in transfer."

Client: "No, no - they were deconstituted, on purpose, for security reasons. I don't trust public key crypto, and these documents contain critical stuff which is for your eyes & ears only. Now that I have you on the phone, I'll give you the link and password for where you can get the reconstitution tools and the holdback portion, so you can decode them."

Lawyer: "Cool! Give'em to me... Wait, did you say "eyes and ears"?

Client: "Yeah, there's two textual documents, four image files, and a 5 minute video of me explaining how the process works, for your patent guys. Anyway, point your browser to ....., and login as your last name, with the password 'bananahammock'"
by Johnny Soporno February 7, 2010
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The insinuation of negative or hostile intentions, condescension, or disrespect from men, where none was intended by that man.
Karen was constantly complaining about her managers' "mansplaining" her job to her, because her paradigm couldn't accept that she was literally obligated to follow company policy, and that it hadn't anything to do with her gender. Her presupposition of masculine hostility and disrespectfulness on their part was an example of profound misandrystanding, bolstered by cognitive dissonance and denial.
by Johnny Soporno October 5, 2020
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Noun; The person on whom one blames their inability to attend to something they really didn't want to anyway.
I explained to Jenny that I couldn't make it to her jazz ensemble's rehearsal because Kevin was stranded at the airport and needed rescuing. He was the perfect escapegoat, since Jenny knows how broke he always is.
by Johnny Soporno February 5, 2006
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Anything promoted or propagated by a Scienterrorist (a.k.a. "accredited pseudoscientist") with the intention of terrifying the public, demoralizing people, and fomenting distressful negative Groupthink.
Advocates of Anthropogenic Climate Change spread their scienterrific axioms far and wide, with the religious fervor of devout faith, unperturbed by the total lack of supporting evidence, and the overwhelming availability of contradictory evidence.
by Johnny Soporno July 30, 2023
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The tiny portions of a BLOB which have been intentionally and systematically removed from its original dataset prior to compression and encryption, for purposes of ensuring said BLOB can be freely distributed in this deconstituted form, yet cannot possibly be reconstituted without first reinserting said extracted portions to their original locations within the dataset.
Q: "I've tried to leech this first-run movie from five different torrent sites and p2p systems, but I can't watch it at all! I got the cypher and the encryption keys and I've tried to decode it, but all I get is garbage?"

A: "You'd need to reintegrate the holdback first.... Contact the vendor and they'll sell it to you. Otherwise, there's zero chance of decoding it... it's an NP-Complete problem."

Q: "I don't want to PAY for it!"

A: "Sucks to be you."
by Johnny Soporno February 7, 2010
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