a band that definately doesn't get the credit they deserve.
they fit into a lot of genres, including indie-rock, powerpop and electronica. you decide.

they currently have two great albums out:

don't cut your fabric to this year's fashion
an army of shapes between wars
visit these sites for more information on action action:

by allllice November 4, 2006
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noun: actioneer; plural noun: actioneers

A person that takes action.

One that goes out and makes things happen and does not wait for others to do something for them.

One that lives life by taking action, not living in reaction.
When Joe started his real estate business, he called every for sale sign in town, he was a true actioneer.
by The House Guy April 3, 2018
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To detail, line by line or section by section the thoughts of a character within a set text from a play or dialogue within a play, describing it with a transative verb. ie an action one character can do to another character
Actioning a script, actioning the characters intentions, thoughts, desires
by Peter Polycarpou September 24, 2006
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Actionitis is the infectious disease that comes with listening to too much music by the band Action Item, and in effect becoming obsessed. Symptoms may include random outbursts of AI songs, uncontrollable checking of the AI Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages, and constant swooning over any of the band members. There is no current cure known to man.
Person 1: Did you signup for the Action Item fan club forty seven time???
Person 2: Yep. I have Actionitis. *plays song by Action Item"
Person 1: OMG. Now I've got it too!
by I've got actionitis. November 20, 2010
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