10 definitions by Johnnay

Any gun.
Called like that cause it heats up the gun when you shoot it(quite obvious).
If that muthafucka fucks with me Ima bring the heat to him.
Jack pulled out his heater and busted 12 at his head.
Johnnay packs more heat than the oven.
by Johnnay April 25, 2003
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A women's mouth.
Open that crotch pocket so I could slip in my cock wallet.

I would definately explore Beyonce's crotch pocket.

by Johnnay May 17, 2003
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A gay neighborhood, where rimmers take full activity.
Watch your back if you come across the gayborhood.
Rupaul is from the gayborhooood.
by JOHNNAY April 21, 2003
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