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A filmmaker's term, usually used to postpone a certain part of the shot, be it the lighting, composition or anything else that could be fixed in post production.

Filmmakers who are short for time will use this phrase.
Camera Operator: Hey Dan, I wiggled a little during that last shot, should we take it again?
Director: Nah don't worry, we'll fix it in post.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 13, 2019
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A phrase used to describe the distance between something. Used to describe things that are relatively close.
Come on, we can't give up now, Mordor is but a sniff away.

McDonalds isn't far, it's only a sniff away.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 13, 2019
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A phrase used to describe the finality of a decision made by someone.

Once someone has made a decision and can not back out of it.

Derives from the immature act of sticking one's thumb in a can and attempting to pull it back out.
Jim: Why don't you just leave her?
Ted: I can't mate, I've got my thumb in the can now.

Wish I'd have said no to that promotion...now I've got my thumb in the can.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 14, 2019
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Derives from the episode of Mythbusters:

A saying that describes how close something was to happening. Usually uttered when in relief that something tragic did not occur.

The saying has it's origins in the Mythbusters episode where they rigged a dummy up to urinate on the third rail, of a railway track, which would subsequently give a lethal amount of electricity.
Jon: Aw mate imagine if you went out with Cersei.

Davos: I almost did.
Jon: No fucking way.
Davos: Yea, but she didn't like older guys, Christ, can you imagine? I nearly pissed on the third.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 13, 2019
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When you shit yourself and sit down, giving yourself a sharse (shitted - arse). American pronunciation Shass (shitted - ass).
Aw mate, have you sniffed Connor? He smells like he's got a right sharse.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 13, 2019
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When you have really big poo and it makes an incredibly loud noise as it hits the water and gives your arse a good splash.

Derives from tragic accident of the Titanic that sank in the mid-atlantic in 1912.
*All quiet*
Rodger - on the toilet: *Loud splash noise*
Christie - in the other room: Jesus, Rodger was that you? Sounded like you sank the Titanic.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 16, 2019
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A phrase used to describe the state of the penis.

When an uncircumcised penis head rolls out of the foreskin.

Derived from the explorer, Robert Falcon Scott who ventured to Antarctica in 1912.
by JohnJoeTheGood May 13, 2019
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