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The funniest parody of left wing political ideology since George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984.
South Park makes fun of society's ignorance.

Ignore the vulgar delivery, and South Park is the most clever show on television.
by John Ronane February 14, 2004

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A toy for people who like to think for themselves.

One of the largest toy companies in the world with an annual turnover of billions of dollars.

Lego is Danish for "Play Well"

Lego is Latin for "I Put Together"

LEGO's brand recognition is the same as that of the Disney Company.
The Lego company encourages "Free Form Play" which is about getting the child to be creative in what they build. Although recently it has begun to produce licenced, themed toys such as "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". Lego Loyalists consider this to be sacrilegious behaviour by the company.

At the LEGO Company, toy blocks are the building blocks of success. Since 1949 the Danish firm has made more than 200 billion of its interlocking plastic toys, keeping little hands and imaginations busy around the globe. In a nod to kids' high-tech skills, it also offers LEGO kits to build PC-programmable robots (including Spybotics and Mindstorms), and its BIONICLE line features an evolving story line on the Internet and a variety of merchandising opportunities. The company also owns LEGO theme parks (in California, Denmark, Germany, and the UK), as well as LEGO retail outlets in the US and Europe.

Lego formed a partnership with MIT in 1984, and it endowed a professorship in the MIT Media Lab in 1989 -- but it didn't produce the "intelligent brick" until 1998. Despite the popularity of the programmable brick, Lego has been unable to bring the price down and turn it into a mass-market product.

Today, Lego rivals Bridgestone and Goodyear to produce the most tires in the world -- making upward of 175 million tires per year.
by John Ronane September 18, 2004

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Electronic toy, pure evil.
Don't let them out in daylight, don't let them near water, and whatever you do, dont feed them after midnight.
by John Ronane February 23, 2005

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see del monte
olsterrr saiis nooo!. I'm an orangemannn.
by John Ronane January 28, 2004

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Male Sex Chromosome
Scientists have discovered that the Y chromosome uses a neat trick to repair its most crucial genes, a strategy that apparently helps keep it from rotting away over evolutionary time.

Instead of doubling up to protect its genetic cargo like other chromosomes, the lone Y safeguards its genes by having sex with itself, an international consortium has found. Proving perhaps that nature has a sense of humor, scientists have discovered that the Y chromosome - the one that makes a man a man - has a remarkable ability to make do-it-yourself repairs.

June 20, 2003 — The human male sex chromosome does have the ability to repair itself and may not be headed for extinction as had previously been thought, according to a surprising new study.

A 40-strong team of researchers led by David Page of the Whitehead Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, report their findings in this week's issue of the journal Nature.

As well as having a previously unknown and elaborate back-up system for self-repair, the Y chromosome also carries 78 genes.

"The Y chromosome is a hall of mirrors," said Page, whose team has for the first time identified the full genetic sequence of a Y chromosome, from an anonymous donor.

Both the male Y and female X chromosomes are thought to have originally been the same size, but after the Y took on the sex-determining role for maleness it apparently began to lose genes. At this time it also lost the ability to pair up exactly with its partner and to swap faulty genes for good ones, as the other 22 pairs of non-sex chromosomes do.

Earlier studies had suggested that the Y chromosome carried only a few dozen genes, compared with more than 1,000 known on the X chromosome.

A team of Australian researchers led by Jenny Graves, of the Research School of Biological Sciences at the Australian National University in Canberra, previously found that the Y chromosome had been losing five genes per million years. Graves had thus predicted that the chromosome might be heading for extinction within five to 10 million years.

But Page said that the Y's full genome sequence has revealed that scientists generally had underestimated both its number of genes and its powers of self-preservation.

The team believes the Y has developed an apparently unique way of pairing up with itself. They found that many of its 50 million DNA "letters" occur in sequences known as palindromes. Like their grammatical counterparts, these sequences of letters read the same forward as backward but are arranged in opposite directions — like a mirror image — on both strands of the DNA double helix. This means that a back-up copy of each of the genes they contain occurs at each end of the sequence.

When the DNA divides during reproduction, the team believes, it opens an opportunity for genes to be shuffled or swapped and faulty copies to be deleted.
by John Ronane January 31, 2004

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Female Masturbation
See Stuffing The Chicken
Miranda is a young, ugly lesbian. She can't get any so she stuffs the Turkey.
by John Ronane January 30, 2004

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Female Masturbation
See Stuffing The Turkey
Miranda is a young, ugly lesbian. She can't get any so she stuffs the chicken.
by John Ronane January 30, 2004

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