Conquer By Breeding (CBB)

This strategy is the most commonly used alternative to outright war when one population wants to annex another population's territory.

The strategy is allowed by the United Nations (inexplicably) since conquering a country by means of war is no longer tolerated amongst the international community.
The Conquer By Breeding strategy was used in the "plantations" carried out by the British in Ireland in the 1600's. The strategy is proving unsuccessful - the British now control only 2/3 of one of the four provinces in Ireland and the Irish nationalists within the area under the control of the British are now using the same strategy to regain the territory they lost to the British.

A more successful example of the CBB strategy has been used by the Albanians in their attempt to annex the Serbian state of Kosovo in 1689(Kosovo is part of the original Serb heartland and ancestral homeland of the Serbs).

The same strategy will be used by the large muslim population in the south of France very soon.
(The French were stupid enough to let it happen, so they deserve any problems which come out of an open-door immigration policy.)
by John Ronane March 18, 2004
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