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true; truth; started in frisco now in sac
kid1: damn man jlo's booty is Huge!
kid2: real talk man!!
by john h January 21, 2004

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tellin lies
you know jlo... why u selling woof tickets?
why you selling tickets
by john h January 21, 2004

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something or somebody that would have an agenda in order to sway public opinion makeing slanderous accusations.
Anne Coulter(lies about everything)
Saddam Hussein(lied about everything)
FOX news(lies all the time and is controled by Republicans)
MSNBC(a former Republican congressmen hosts that mutherfucker)
Dan Rather(lied about bush service in the national gaurd)
Swift boat Vets for truth(lied about John Kerry)
by John H April 04, 2005

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Stands for: Laugh Out My Bum

See also; lol, lmao, etc.
When he did that, I totally lombed.
by John H September 16, 2003

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in the 1800 century idiot was to describe a rich lazy pearson who didnt do anything to help the community.recently though this word now describes people who are stupid like George Bush (who doesent help the community also)
most rich people are idiots if we are speaking about the victorian era.and all republicans are idiots if we are speaking about any era.
by John H April 06, 2005

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a goverment that has its roots in Sparta but became more effective type of goverment when rome combined a sparta type Republic whith a greek type Democracy.a Republic was orignaly verry effective of makeing sure a country stayed together the only problem happened is when it is combined with a Democracy. When this happens a country can split in half and go into civil war which has happened to Rome and America.Republics although the idea is outdated and very old it is still effective and is used still by the most powerfull country in the world the USA(in a millitary sense but by no means political or economic).
Sparta was a Republic and we are Democratic Republic
by John H April 06, 2005

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some one who beileves in a bigger goverment. social democrats beileve in taxing on a state level and spending on a federal level. taxing usauly on income
Europes economy is run by these types of libreals.
by John H April 10, 2005

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