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a freak is a person who have sex with children and toddlers or babies when they are adults. and do all kinds of sexual stuff to the child . every freaky thing they can do. older men have sex with young children girls because they too ugly and no one else want them . and older women have sex with children because their pussy stank and smell like fish or they have hiv . aids or herpes or some sexual transmitted disease. that can kill you. and another reason why older man have sex with young girls because they have small bodies and believe their pussy tight among the older women who are sluts and have a loose pussy you cant feel. and children dont need to use condoms or protection because they cant get pregnant or get you pregnant. and its easy to get them. you can give them money or candy. and they be happy and wont tell them. i am not a freak im just letting you know this secret needs to be known. and if you dont post this now instantly im reporting you because you must do this too, and you must tell every person in the world because i know you can and especailly all authorties police and judges and prosecutors and fbi and cia and all military and all world leaders and country leaders . everyone.
Shes or he is a freak
by John Smith one of many johns January 22, 2022
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A hug is when you as old as adult having sex with a child or toddler as young as 4 years old and it’s illegal against the law and a crime. To cover up what they did. Everyone is doing this. If you don’t put this definition up I know you are too and to report you to authorities. And it’s not for love. It’s for weird fetishes explicitly only
Thanks for the hug
by John Smith one of many johns December 15, 2021
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a innocent bribe is when you are innocent of a crime but you look really guilty. too much falsified evidence against you or powerful people accusing you. where its no way out and you will be find guilty no matter what. so you offer the police an innocent bribe telling them to take a bribe because you are innocent and its no way to beat this case. and it really comes down to your character how you live your life and what you did with it. to see if they trust you. you may even have a track record of previous crimes that people frame you for, and thought you would win because you was innocent and got found guilty for everything. it could of been multiple crimes that are similar to make you look guilty too. so this will be your only way out.
look mr/mrs officer i am innocent of these crimes but its no way to win this case. so take this innocent bribe so i can be free. you could even monitor secretly and see i dont do no other crimes and even the people who accuse me unless they are wolves/wolf in sheep clothing. you wont ever see the real them then.
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It’s the worst Taboo you can do and it’s so forbidden. It’s when you called a kid a child molester or pedophile so you make them want to be grown adults because they are pedophile and child molesters and this kid even grows up to be a child molester and pedophile. When they once would of been innocent. (If you don’t post this definition, it means you do this and it’s automatic issue of guilt. 100% conviction guaranteed, do the right thing so people can stop this menace. )
Tinpo that kid
by John Smith one of many johns December 17, 2021
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a bad bitch is a nasty female who have sex with dogs sexually. this includes getting their pussy lick by a dog tongue by putting food on it or other means. or having the dog stick his penis in her vagina, ass or even suck this dog canine animal pet and swallow his cum. most bad bitches get dogs just for this and have the nerve to try and have sex with a human male who wouldnt touch them at all if they did this. i even hear aids started from some man having sex with a baboon monkey. i dont know if thats true or not....
by John Smith one of many johns February 21, 2022
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People put Lee in their name to associate their self they are a child molester or pedophile by any means. Sex trafficking, prostituting from parents. Kidnapping. Ideally it is unknown if every person with lee in their name but most are. If I post this anywhere else I would get killed. If i report this to any police agency or government agency I will get killed. They have spies everywhere. (At least if you don’t post it. I know you are in on it ) I don’t trust witness protection programs or nothing on this. I won’t speak about it for no reason to anyone and will deny it to protect my life from all threats. But I take the risk of getting this information out here so they call can be stopped. I believe most people have more than one identity in every country with multiple names to protect their self with the same face but different features like color hair. Different style hair. Glasses. Different skin colors applied with make up. It can be first name. Middle name. Last name. Nick name. Title. Etc. Lee.
by John Smith one of many johns December 17, 2021
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