A metaphor used to describe the passion of the truest and sincerest Philadelphia Eagles fans.
1) After someone punched Mark at a Phillies game for starting an Eagles chant, Mark started to bleed green.

2) My green blood boiled when my girlfriend mentioned Tony Homo was cute
by CChamp January 21, 2008
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Bleed green is a common phrase used in Pakistan and Boston. In Pakistan it is used to demonstrate patriotism, especially on their independence day or when there is a cricket match against India. In Boston it is used to demonstrate support for the famous basketball team, the Boston Celtics.
Person 1: i bleed green fuck yeaaaa!!!
Person 2: wtf do u mean everyone has red blood
Person 1: nuh uh im a pakistani celtics fan...
by pettyshorti December 27, 2019
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It means you're Irish!
1. I'm so Irish I bleed green.
2. On St. Paddy's day every American's blood runs a little green.
by KatieAnnie June 4, 2006
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Friend one 1: hey man whatchu up too
Friend 2: Just bleeding green
by Lil dev December 15, 2019
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It is a slogan used by

Stolen Souls MC.
I Bleed Green supporting the Stolen Souls MC
by SSMCSHERIFFSSMC December 30, 2014
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