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Tim Buckley is the creator of CAD, short for Ctrl-Alt-Del, a video-game based webcomic that can be found at the URL At first, Tim's comic was small, with a friendly community which he frequently interacted with. However, as his community got bigger, he alienated many fans and community members with an arrogant attitude and a seeming lack of care for his fans. This has culminated several times in confrontations, most recently whereupon Tim deleted the RoM subsection of his own forum when accused of sending sexually explicit images to a minor several years past. While his comic continues to enjoy success, those who have interacted with Tim on a personal level have generally negative tales to tell.
Ethan, Lucas, and Lilah are all characters from Tim Buckley's "Ctrl-Alt-Del" comic.
by Former CAD Poster September 29, 2005
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Creator of the mess that is Ctrl Alt Del - a webcomic that is well known for being badly drawn, ripping off Penny Arcade and basically being too up itself.

Tim Buckley being the creator sadly also happens to share most of the same qualities. Additionally, he has little to no resistance to any form of criticism whatsoever and usually takes to acting like a chimp in a zoo when anyone in his forums or elsewhere even dares to suggest that one of his latest "storylines" might not be that good. In fact, try going on the Ctrl Alt Del forums and saying a slightly negative word and you'll find yourself banned quicker than you could imagine.

Also Tim is well known for editing/vandalising Wiki entries to do with his comic, consistently attempting to remove the "criticism" section on his beloved comic. If that isn't bad enough, try asking anyone about the ROM incident. This is basically where Tim got accused of emailing pictures of his cock to a 14 year old on his forum and instead of behaving like a normal adult, he basically had a screaming fit, banned over 3000 members, closed the forum for a week and then totally removed the section of forum from which the claim was made. Not a particularly overwhelming sign of innocence to say the least.
Random Fan: "So, we've gone from being a wacky slightly surreal webcomic to suddenly having an attempt at a serious dramatic storyline with miscarriage and mayhem...urm, don't you think maybe this isn't the best idea you've ever had?"

Tim Buckley: "SHUT UP...I AM THE INTERNET. I can do drama...LOOK A DEAD BABY! I sooooo deserve an Oscar for this because I'm soooo brooding and deep. Oh, by the way. Anyone who disagrees with me gets banned and insulted. Got that?"

Random Ex-Fan: "OKayyyyy, you're obviously a headcase. Bye!"
by IAMTHEMANFROMMARS! August 31, 2008
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Creator of a horridly drawn onlind comic strip called CtrAltDel. He basically churns out one single panel, then duplicates 3 times so he can have a 4 panel comic. He then writes in dialogue for all four panels, rarely ever even moving his characters. his characters are always "hardcore" gamers, and his comic is never _ever_ funny.

Tim Buckley is a hack.
by Better than Cad December 03, 2006
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Is NOT the original creator of Gamer Religion. Scott Kurtz, creator of PVP webcomic is the original creator of Gamer Religion.
Tim Buckley (online knows as Assbath or Absath. pick one.) copies from many webcomics, mostly from Penny Arcade. From Player vs. Player he usually steals storylines (such as gamer religion).
Bob: Tim Buckley is a thief and arrogant hack?
John: Hells yea..
by Danila P. September 14, 2007
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Writer, artist and creator of the famous gamer comic Ctrl+Alt+Del. Tim Buckley is also the creator of the Winter-een-mas holiday which is a gamer holiday lasting from Jan 25th to Jan 31st.

His famous comic can be found at
You don't know who Tim Buckley is?

No I don't know...

He's the greatest artist and sexiest gamer ever..
by John Doe January 03, 2005
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