Let's go to the store and get some chop meat to make hambergers with.
by John Connor August 21, 2003
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Taking a shit in a bag, slicing the bag into 4 equal quadrants, and sharing the remainder with your friends.
"Jonny, how about we go chop some meat and then have a feast with all of our friends."
by D'Licious January 21, 2003
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Chop Meat Records is a Group Of Musicians localized in the Inland Northwest. They Consist of Several Different Groups, solo acts, and collaborations, mainly Producing genres like Hip-Hop, Horror-core and underground music for the people who are sick of hearing the mainstream mind-bending, brainwashed bullshit (Auto-Tune).
Yo, Lets Go To A Chop Meat Show. Only 5$! Have You seen Chop Meat Records Show?
by A Local Ninja August 29, 2011
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To chop the meat is an action that takes place during a concert or while listening to music.
Place your inside hand on the subject's arm for starters. Begin the chopping motion on the subject's arm (not to hard)with your outside hand just below your "holding hand". Now move your "chopper" down the subject's arm slowly while chopping at a moderate to fast pace (keeping with the beat of the music).
by doodxor July 22, 2003
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