7 definitions by Joey BeefBuicker

The short fat guy covered hair, but still going bald, go-tee sporting clown who walks around the locker room after a bogus work out talking to anybody who will listen with a towel around his neck and his crank hanging out for everybody to see. Usually has some bull shit story about how just last night he hooked up with a girl that looked just like Megan Fox, or about how he just bench pressed 700 pounds.
Sam: "I ran into Tony last night at the gym. I was trying to get changed as fast as I could so I could get out of there."

Dave: "real locker room guy huh?"
by Joey BeefBuicker July 28, 2010
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when a man's hair is too long on top and it rises like fresh baked bread.
Did you see Joe's hair today? yeah, he's got bread head.
by Joey BeefBuicker July 23, 2010
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Loudly expelling putrid smelling gas from the depths of one’s bowels in the company of others.
Doug: Hey man, you ready to go play some cards?

Alexander: Sure just don't sit by me though.

Doug: Why?

Alexander: (FFFRRRVVVVRRRTTTTTT) cause my Butts Talking loud and proud tonight.

Doug: Jesus, what did you eat?

Alexander: bean burrito, side of beans, brussel sprouts and broccoli.
by Joey BeefBuicker August 31, 2011
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When you take a hearty dump and then shorty after you have to dump again. Most common after long weekends of heavy eating and drinking.
Doug: "hey man , you ready to get going?"
Marty: "not yet, I have to drop a deuce"
Doug: "again?, didn't you just dump out"
Marty: "yeah, but it's a Regenashit, I gotta go again"
by Joey BeefBuicker August 30, 2010
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a chili dog, or a hot dog with some sort of processed meat as the condiment. Normally found in vending machines or gas stations with a microwave.
Doug: "hey Justin, want to grab some lunch before lecture?"

Justin: "yeah, but I only got $3 bucks. We better hit the Sunuco and grab a couple shit canoes."
by Joey BeefBuicker May 24, 2012
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The co-worker that has to make a huge deal out of slightest task performed around the office, usually having nothing to do with actual work that the company does.
Mike: “I came in this morning and the water cooler leaked on the floor so I got a mop and a bucket and some paper towels and cleaned it up, then I set up cones and taped it off with caution tape.
Doug: “Jesus, how much water leaked out?
Mike: “go take a look”
Doug: “it’s like the size of a dinner plate”
Mike: “yeah, but somebody could slip on it”
Doug: “but it’s carpet…………fuckin office knob
by Joey BeefBuicker August 03, 2010
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A person who fails miserable at every major aspect of life, such as marrige, rasing a family, career, finances, ect. This person is usually full of advice which you should never take, and will try and belittle everything you do.
Dan: "I stopped over at Tony's house last night, what a suprise.
Al: "why?"
Dan: "awww, his house looked like a club house, his kids were running around screaming, his wife was a fatass wreck laying on the couch doing nothing, plus he told me he lost his job again and has no money. Then he tries to tell me how I need to paint my house and get a new car"
Al: " he's a real life loser huh?"
by Joey BeefBuicker August 05, 2010
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