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The open-wheel series Championship Auto Racing Teams
CART once was the premier indy car series until the president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway started the IRL the Indy Car Series which is more affordable to run in.
by Joe C August 27, 2004
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A thing that can twist your weiner into a poodle
I made love with a clown last night and she twisted my weiner into a poodle
by Joe C August 26, 2004
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The C6 is faster and better than the C5
by Joe C September 02, 2004
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Survivor will have a challenge on who can fuck their animals the best.
by Joe C April 09, 2005
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NASCAR is the Greatest Form of Auto Racing. F1 is a NON-Competitive sport. I only saw Schumacher win 99.9% of all formula 1 races. NASCAR's Nextel Cup series has the most loyal fans and outnumbers the amount of Formula 1 races 36 to 19. The NASCAR Busch Series runs 34 races. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series has 24 races. The NASCAR Wheelen Modified Series has 19 races.

NASCAR has the most loyal fans, who are loyal to the sponsors of NASCAR. NASCAR is also looking to build a speedway in the New York City Area.

NASCAR divers like to show up to greet their fans, not only at the NASCAR tracks, but at local tracks, they even race in some events to give the fans a look at their skills.

NASCAR has alot of superstars, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr are NASCAR's most popular drivers. Jeff Gordon won 4 NASCAR Cup Championships. Dale Earnhardt Jr won the 2004 Daytona 500. Jeff Gordon became the first NASCAR driver to host Saturday Night Live in 2002.
The #24 Dupont Chevy Monte Carlo beat the Wangs Rice Shop Honda
by Joe C December 13, 2004
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