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A nickname for the one who makes someone smile, laugh and has the ability to cheer them up in the worst of times. The person who you care about just the same.
Peej, you make me soo happy and I love you!
by Joanna March 23, 2005

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The most grueling, intense, rigorous sport ever created. 11 girls fight as hard as they can, run as fast as they can, and get past as many defenders as they can before driving the orange ball into the cage (aka- goal). It is extremely demanding, yet extremely rewarding.

alternate defintion:
rage in the cage
The Stonington High School FIELD HOCKEY team has been ECC champs for 13 (going on 14) consecutive seasons.
by Joanna October 09, 2004

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The best flatmate in the world ever, headbutt that can kill ;o)
To "do a Beth" take forever to get ready
by joanna December 04, 2004

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-gives music a bad name.
-says "like" wayy too much for anyones own good.
-doesn't appreciate her fans. (what fans?!)
-fights over the stupidest things with everyone. (lindsay and avril win though)
-is very immature.
-has a horrible voice.
-is so unappreciative of her career.

'fights over the stupidest things with ppl.'
^^^"mommy, linsay stole my boyfriend."
ohh boo hoo, bitch, go suck a bottle. that's the only thing you'll ever suck anyways.

-her fans are a bunch of slut-faces hoe-bags who think that a day at the mall is what life's all about.
by Joanna November 13, 2004

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A word used relentlessly in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It is usually used when the main character, Napoleon Dynamite, is mad, frustrated, or excited.
kid on bus: What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?
Napoleon Dynamite: Whatever i feel like doing gosh!
by Joanna January 17, 2005

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harder, faster, more thrusts
I yiked Nik for all he was worth.
by Joanna November 14, 2003

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Usually used sarcastically (and wid dramatic mock disgust)as a retort to stupid-ass behaviour or remarks
Bob: DO humans give birth to their young?
Joanna: ABOTHEN!you see any humans laying eggs recently?

Bob:Should i help pull you out of the well now?
Joanna: Abothen??!you want me to die ar??
by joanna January 05, 2005

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