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A nickname for the one who makes someone smile, laugh and has the ability to cheer them up in the worst of times. The person who you care about just the same.
Peej, you make me soo happy and I love you!
by Joanna March 23, 2005
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Verb: (to peej)- Egregiously engaging in the willful pilfering of ingestible commodities not belonging to self.

Noun: One who engages in the act of peejing.
Everyone in the room: Ugh! Peej... (Sigh)
by Jackson River May 03, 2008
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The peej is a creature that is mostly seen at night and rarely seen in the day, most peejes can be recognised by their eyes which have the look of a drunken fish, the nose with the resemblence of a covenant ghost from halo, and their exceedingly hairy lower half of body and once the peej has been noticed by a member of the public, his golden brown leg hairs stick up and he makes a run for the closest bin to seek shelter. The common peej also has a brownish ginger short mane and also share a resemblence of Elton John. The peej also has a very distinguishable mating call which resembles a mix of a wolfs howl and a babys cry. These creatures can be very dangerous, mostly tending to hump everything within site and excreting waste into drains and roadside grids, these small and decieving creatures are also notorious for the destruction of indian slums, the rape of all their finest women, and the cold hearted murder of all the oldest born children in high income families, showing why they are one of the most ferocious creatures in the United Districts of Anglezarke. To ensure full safety from the evil peej, you must carry a spud gun at all times, due to a large allergy of the peej this will make them spontainiously explode leaving no reminants of himself.
Boys check your six, i smell one of those dirty ass peejes.
by Lord BaronΓ© July 17, 2018
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Slang for the word 'pajamas'. 'Peej' derives from the abbreviation 'P.Js', using the phenotics of the first syllable but rejecting the second, thus becoming an abbreviation of an abbreviation. 'Peej' refers to ones pajama ensemble in it's entirety, meaning that it is plural despite the lack of an 's' at the end of the word.

hangin lerd butters scutters med bangin
I'm just going to put my peej on.

Do you like my new peej?

I want to buy some new peej.

You have mud all over your peej.

hangin lerd butters scutters med bangin
by Bailey88 July 17, 2009
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A person who is generally a slob or waste of life. Derives from "porno johnny" and "P.J." both of which refer to someone who spends the majority of their time watching porn.
"Bro, you haven't showered in days and slept through all your classes. You're such a peej."
by Brojam March 22, 2009
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human urine in solid state; often found on on the edge of toilet bowls; dries dark
1. Dude, I totally just sat in your peej. Doesn't your mom clean this shit?
by EHryanEH October 09, 2006
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