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A human being with an ass that takes up the whole aisle at walmart.
Also has many dynamic features to it.
by jmack February 25, 2003
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The act of pretending to know big words...
hey yo he kclarked that shit B!!
by JMack July 02, 2003
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December 2012 is the end-date projected by Jose & Lloydine for the Mayan calendar. With many astronomers and scientists now paying attention to the Mayan calendar, much debate has brewed over its end-date
we're all gonna die in 2012
by Jmack November 27, 2005
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it is the thongathon vacation spot of world.
Also can means ryan jason shiela nikki going up north and partyin
well it is door county wisconsin
by jmack February 25, 2003
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