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A term for oral sex. Often used accompanying Mm Mm and Hey Hey.
OMG! They did da freaky nana!

They were at it with da mm mm, and da hey hey, and da freaky nana.
by Jizzle Lizzle August 13, 2004

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An erotic sexual act in which one partner deficates, or craps, on the other. Can be but not necessarily a Cleveland Steamer.
I'm kinky! Give me the chili nana!!
by Jizzle Lizzle August 13, 2004

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To ejaculate, usually by masturbation.
I got home from my trip and unpacked. Then I unpacked ;)
by Jizzle Lizzle January 04, 2008

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A great actor who played superman. But then he fell off his horse or something stupid and turned into a cripple. He is now the blunt of hilarious jokes, although they aren't quite as funny now that he's dead.
The latest superman movie will be released this summer. It has a new twist though. Superman's weakness is no longer kryptonite, but rather, stairs.
by Jizzle Lizzle May 10, 2005

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Vaginal Sex. Plain old, unordinary sex.
That guy got some mm mm from that hot chick.
by Jizzle Lizzle August 13, 2004

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Another name for a Screaming Seagull, this is a sexual move in which 2 people have sex on the beach, and the male sticks his penis in the sand and proceeds to have sex with the girl. The result is a painful experience in which the sand makes a crunching noise inside the vagina, hence the name.
We were doing it on the beach, and I decided to get kinky and give her a cap'n crunch. She screamed louder than she did in bloody anal sex.
by Jizzle Lizzle March 16, 2005

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A method of foreplay in which a girl rubs a man's penis to pleasure it, possibly to the point of ejaculation. Otherwise known as a hand job.
That guy was gettin' some hey hey down there with that hot chick.

Did they do it?
Nah, he just got some hey hey.
by Jizzle Lizzle August 13, 2004

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