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A weapon that resembles that of a gun crossed with a sword, used by characters in Final Fantasy 8.

The hilt of the Gunblade is actually an enlarged gun grip, complete with trigger and cylinder. A large sword extends from where the barrel should be. The tip of the Gunblade has no exit hole, and therefore fires no projectile. Instead the ammo is some sort of kenetic-based explosive that when fired, charges the blade and allows it to do more damage while striking.

Only two known "real world" working Gunblades have been made based on the Final Fantasy weapon design. It is still unknown how the mechanics of the ammunition work in these.
"Ahh finally, a Gunblade Specilist."
---Headmaster Cid
by Jin Saotome January 09, 2004

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One of the best 2D fighting games ever to be produced that host characters from Street Fighter, Marvel Comics, Darkstalkers, and various other Capcom games.
See MVC and Marvel vs Capcom 2.
My Arcade just got Marvel vs Capcom, woot!
by Jin Saotome May 12, 2005

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A huge 3-story red Mecha used by the E.G.A. Mecha Pilot Jin Saotome. Originally from the Cyberbots import game, the Blodia Mecha was the main "character" in this Streetfighter-esq fighting game. It was also the main mecha in the game TechRomancer. Since then, Jin Saotome has taken center stage in the Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 games, and the Blodia is only seen in his super-attacks. (Blodia punch and Blodia vulcan)
"Jin pilots the Blodia through the city, trying not to destroy too many buildings on his way through."
by Jin Saotome January 09, 2004

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Proper Nound: One of the many orginal monster species in the MMORPG Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2. They appear as legless, floating beings wearing tattered cloaks with long sleeves and a plain white mask, sometimes having a smirk or frown carved upon it. Long sickles extend from their sleeves when they attack and nobody really knows what their bodies look like underneath. Quite possibly the scariest creatures ever to be introduced into a MMORPG.
The Virindi are masters of genetic manipulation and experimentation. Don't get on their bad side...
by Jin Saotome May 12, 2005

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The widely used acronym for 'Marvel vs. Capcom' which is a 2d arcade fighting game. Numerics can also be added to designate the series of Marvel vs. Capcom games such as MVC1 and MVC2.
"Yo, wanna hit the mall and play a little MVC? I'll school you wit' my Mags, Cable, Storm team fo sho."
by Jin Saotome November 03, 2004

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adj; A term used to describe someone who's quite exceptional at whatever they do, regardless of what it is.
Yo! He's a Masta Blasta at Pacman! Look at him snag those little dots!
by Jin Saotome May 12, 2005

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Jin Saotome is a Mecha Pilot for the E.G.A. (Earth Government Army) that uses his giant red Mecha the Blodia in his battles against evil forces. Jin is always dressed in a white leather flightsuit with silver armored sections, and sports a white bandana with a big red "V" on it.

Hot headed and loud-mouthed, Jin is always the first to race into battle. Jin also has a unique ability to convert his anger and rage into kenetic fire that engulfs his feet and hands during combat, giving him unmatched power and destructive force.

Jin Satotome's apperances include the Cyberbots import game, TechRomancer, and Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 where he remains the strongest, yet most unplayed character in the series.
"Jin Saotome needs to get a grip on his anger! That boy has some issues..."
---Captain America
by Jin Saotome January 09, 2004

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