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Jin Saotome is a Mecha Pilot for the E.G.A. (Earth Government Army) that uses his giant red Mecha the Blodia in his battles against evil forces. Jin is always dressed in a white leather flightsuit with silver armored sections, and sports a white bandana with a big red "V" on it.

Hot headed and loud-mouthed, Jin is always the first to race into battle. Jin also has a unique ability to convert his anger and rage into kenetic fire that engulfs his feet and hands during combat, giving him unmatched power and destructive force.

Jin Satotome's apperances include the Cyberbots import game, TechRomancer, and Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 where he remains the strongest, yet most unplayed character in the series.
"Jin Saotome needs to get a grip on his anger! That boy has some issues..."
---Captain America
by Jin Saotome January 09, 2004
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Big-mouthed dude from Cyber Bots (?) and the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Looks good in his underwear ;p Battles with a gigantic robot called Blodia.
Me gusta mucho a Jin Saotome.
by RatchetBoo October 13, 2003
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