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Acronym for Model View Controller, a software architecture pattern/framework/paradigm related to graphical user interfaces.

MVC splits the software in three parts: The model, containing the data and the software that makes the data usable; the view, which is what is presented to the user in a visible way; and the controller which takes user input and manipulates the view and the model.

To put in in another way: The model is connected to the user's mind; the view is connected to the user's eyes; and the controller is connected to the user's hands.

Note that the user could just as well be another piece of software.

The point with MVC is that by separating the functionality maintaining the code by debugging, changing and adding features becomes easier.

The concept was introduced in 1979 and was first implemented in the programming language Smalltalk-80 developed at Xerox PARC.
It can be argued that a text editor uses MVC; the controller parses keyboard and mouse input and updates the data in the document and the view of the editor and the document.
by CanonCat October 13, 2013
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The widely used acronym for 'Marvel vs. Capcom' which is a 2d arcade fighting game. Numerics can also be added to designate the series of Marvel vs. Capcom games such as MVC1 and MVC2.
"Yo, wanna hit the mall and play a little MVC? I'll school you wit' my Mags, Cable, Storm team fo sho."
by Jin Saotome November 03, 2004
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The most valuable cunt. Used to describe the hotest slut available on a night out.
Hollie is such a mvc man, I bet she has no pants on either.
by TheTurkish March 05, 2012
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