47 definition by Jessie

A pre-planned get-together of a group of friends at a bar, usually to celebrate some occasion, such as a birthday.
"Hey, it's my birthday on Thursday so I'm having a barty at Johnny McSwift's."
by Jessie June 18, 2004

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A white girls way of saying girl and trying to sound black.
"Mmmmm girrrrrrl you stole my cookie dough."
by Jessie August 30, 2004

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a rasta way of saying hey man!
eh mon, where did ya put de dro?
by jessie March 22, 2005

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(...only real men can wear pink)

The sexiest man to walk this earth;
The awesome guitarist for afi;
(whichever u prefer to use)
sing the sorrow...
by jessie December 31, 2003

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The common word for 20" rims. Widely used on the West coast of USA. New Yorkers tend to use dubs
See me benz on doves???
by jessie September 11, 2003

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A cute fluffly tan and brown striped kitty
The girl petted Nyago.
by Jessie October 03, 2003

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a word used to describe a boy with a large penis ; a loverboy ; a sex machine
a human dildo ; hung like a horse
by jessie February 16, 2004

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