133 definition by Jennifer

enoughf already they are shoes. you say from the fucking 50"s shoes your grandma could of worn. i have a pair of white <a href="chuck%20taylors" onmouseover="window.status='chuck taylors'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">chuck taylors</a>. i bought them only bacause i thought they look cute.so how would that put me into a catorgory as poser/punk/goth???? really at the end of the day all i would be classified as is a human.
punk 1-ugh that prep is wearing some chuck taylors!!
punk2- she is such a fucktard! lets beat her preppy plaid clad asss!!!!!
by jennifer April 13, 2005

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Internet slang for Laughing My American Idol Saula Obsessed Simon Cowell Loving Azz Off
Sogol: You say ma'am to your MOM?

by Jennifer March 20, 2005

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a rockstarr......
khloe rulez......lol
by jennifer December 19, 2003

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aka: camel-toe. When a woman (usually a cowgirl) wears pants that are too tight and rides up their crotch.
Damn! did you see the moose knuckle on that chick?
by Jennifer July 06, 2004

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see also: Chad Thompson
My boyfriend Chad is a SWEETHEART!
by Jennifer March 20, 2005

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omg only like the best UK band alive! they have awesome songs like, Smile like you Mean it, and Mr. Brightside, but their first 'big' cd came out 2004 it was called "Hot Fuss" and it managed to storm it's way up the charts slowly a year after it's release.
"MR. Brightside, Smile like you meAN it, Jenny was a friend of mine, somebody told me, Andy, your a star"
by Jennifer April 18, 2005

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the BEST perfomer/ songwriter, he is so romantic and know s how to touch your heart, his cd never gets old, and screw you if you only like him for "I dont want to be", there is so much more to him. CHARIOT STRIPPED IS THE BEST CD EVER!
"tonight you aressted my mind when you came to my defense with a knife in the shape of your mouth in the form of your body with a reth fo a god"
by Jennifer March 31, 2005

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