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Short for "granola cruncher"
Chris: Why is Jan buying a used Civic instead of a new Prius?
Jo: Because she's a pragmatist, not a cruncher.
by Jeff-Fu October 08, 2009

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An otherwise nondescript person who pretentiously believes herself to be a geek, just because it's cool.
That suit's a VP of MIS at an insurance company and thinks he's the pied-piper of high-tech. Newsflash: ain't nobody can't see he's a geekster except his fellow wannabees.
by Jeff-fu June 09, 2010

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Cash for Clunkers (the latest attempt at jump-starting the economy by having the federal government guarantee a minimum trade-in value for certain cars).
J: How much did you get for your '94 Ford Exploder?
C: I got $4500 from C4C when I bought a new hybrid Escape.
by Jeff-Fu July 07, 2009

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