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Used as a term of friendly derision; common among people of Appalachian descent.
When Grandma saw that little Jeff had made a mess of the neatly stacked newspapers, she exclaimed "you little shitpot! I just spent an hour redding-up that room!"
by Jeff Frontz November 20, 2005
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A receptical of small miscellaneous items, added too at random, with the intention of sorting out the contents at a point in the future.

Such as a mug or small tupperware, containing loose keys, dice, bits of lego, boiled sweets, washers, old memory cards etc.

Typically, an item in a shit pot was/is deemed to important to throw away, but not important enough to return to its rightful place immediately. However, in my experience the contents of a shit pot are often eventually branded rubbish and thrown away once an extended period of time has elapsed.
"Do you need anything from this shit pot here on the kitchen windowsill? Because i'm sick of the sight of it and about to tip it in the bin!"

"No, carry on"
by speedtoast November 14, 2016
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Another name for a toilet, can be used to say that someone's in deep trouble.
1. Those burritos went right through me, I spent all last night on the shitpot
by dxc March 19, 2008
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a whole fuck'n lota some thing (ie money,girls, weight,height,widith
That trucks weight is a whole shit pot load. That mother f'er has a whole shit pot of girls.
by mk&jl January 05, 2007
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the name really old fashioned grandparents(who don't know how to show affection) use to call their grandchildren (usually newborns) just because they shit ALOT
grandpa: wherez that little shit pot at
by a.c.m.a September 05, 2011
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A term used by a mental patient named Morris to describe a staff member of a mental hospital.

See also shitpan.
Morris called him a shitpot.
by BleezeMonkey August 09, 2003
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1.) a toilet that is kept under the bed in the event that the indoor plumbing doesn't work

2.) a name that a patient that is hard of hearing in the hospital claims that one of the nurses called her.
(after nurses talking about the SHIFT CHANGING AT SEVEN O CLOCK)

Who the hell just called me a shitpot?!?!?!
by Queen Bitch August 09, 2004
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