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A hybrid of a geek and hipster. Someone who wears highly stylized, overpriced clothing that refers to some obscure cartoon enjoyed by Japanese school children and wears thick glasses to denote their geek chic. Although obsessed with Franz Ferdinand like most other hipsters, the Geekster will extends his/her musical tastes into underground techno-remixes of classic video game songs and rap tracks laced with bitches and Bowsers (a la Mario Bros).
Scott Pilgrim is the quintessential geekster, as are many of his followers because of his easy fusion of highly stylized-clothing, obsession with video games, and being in love with the weird artsy chicks.
by SaucyMcMuffin December 19, 2010
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An otherwise nondescript person who pretentiously believes herself to be a geek, just because it's cool.
That suit's a VP of MIS at an insurance company and thinks he's the pied-piper of high-tech. Newsflash: ain't nobody can't see he's a geekster except his fellow wannabees.
by Jeff-fu June 09, 2010
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