60 definition by Jeff D

Ejaculation. "Shooting a load" - "busting a nut" - "Blowing a load" - "Shooting a wad" - "getting a load off" - etc...
Her cockgarage was so tight resulting in an epic Nutbust that was EjacuEARLY!
by Jeff D December 02, 2004

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To keep coming back for the same pussy because it's so damn good.
She is so great in bed, he decided to cuntinue seeing her.
by Jeff D November 11, 2005

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What America seems to be morphing into where virtually everyone is trying to pull some type of SCAM on other people - all seemingly without repercussion.
Only Enron and Worldcom could happen in SCAMerica.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003

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Short for Adolescent NONSENSE.
Obsessively checking my heretofore proven accurate Urban Dictionary definitions and demonstrating Urban Thumb by rating them is as much adolesnonsence as the words I am forced to create to prove my point. PLEASE GET A LIFE!
by Jeff D September 06, 2005

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A guy who talks braggingly or boastfully about how he got down some chick's pants.
Brad just wouldn't quit pantificating about how easily he got Sharon into bed.
by Jeff D June 14, 2004

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To tickle by licking.
Samantha started to lickle Mandy and made her laugh.
by Jeff D September 03, 2005

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When someone has occasion to blurt out something verbally hurtful to yourself or others.
We were having a nice dinner until Dakota said something very blurtful to Cythia.
by Jeff D August 06, 2005

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