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Someone that doesn't know how to pleasure a woman very well because they can't work the clitoris properly. (CLIToris + idIOT).
Clyde tried to make Bonnie come, but he was such a clitiot that he couldn't get her off.
by Jeff D August 09, 2005
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A slang term used in the hood to describe one of little intelligence, while unintentionally making a derogatory reference to women. A mix of idiot and cliterous, rendering the term "clitiot".
Daymn naygro, yo ass got stomped by that clitiot!
by Brad Foster January 02, 2008
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Look at that clitiot she is texting while putting on her mascara while smoking and driving.
by mjbnorth December 31, 2008
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An idiot, who is in the state of dire need for some clitorous/pussy. Someone who is at the point of desperation to attain some pussy/ass.
Connor began to hit on Maryssa, making it so obvious, the entire party felt bad for Maryssa. Maryssa became very uncomfortable with Connor, on a count of him breathing heavily in her ear with an angry/seductive look on his face. Connor continuously put his arm around this poor little girl.
The party decided it was time to nickname this local idiot, naming him; Connor the Clitiot
by DshiZZy April 13, 2007
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