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1) Someone who sucks up to another to gain favor but is generally insincere in their presentation.

2) someone that literally sticks their face into another ass and probably even submits to a "dirty sanchez" from time to time.

See "tongue in cheek"
She is obviously a brownoser considering the shit all over her face.

by Jeff D April 23, 2003
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adjective or noun

Someone who has to answer every question in school and have input on every subject, most of which no one cares about. They also tend to suck up to teachers and adults.

The literal translation is someone who sticks their nose in someone else's ass, which symbolizes the person doing the stupidest things to please someone, to the dismay of others.

see annoying, boring
ex)Shes brownosing again, talking about the Russian Revolution.
by Mike June 09, 2004
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