60 definition by Jeff D

Someone that doesn't know how to pleasure a woman very well because they can't work the clitoris properly. (CLIToris + idIOT).
Clyde tried to make Bonnie come, but he was such a clitiot that he couldn't get her off.
by Jeff D August 09, 2005

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A very well trimmed and very sexy pussy that turns you on so much you can't help but be a "Hungryman" on an "Extended Stay" putting you at risk for "tacochin", "Bungtongue" and possibly "FUBA"
She has such a hot twat that I dropped everything I was doing to go on an extended stay with her.
by Jeff D April 22, 2003

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A wonderful, superb and remarkably nice ASS.
That cuntfident bellybutton pierced, tatbooty'd slunthore has a butt that's totally fantASStic! I'm no clitiot - so I wouldn't ignorgasm her like every other enigman.
by Jeff D October 21, 2005

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Picking up a chick for sex and then dumping her right after you give her your "ghost"

See "humpty dumpty"
by Jeff D April 22, 2003

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Foreplay consisting of frantically pushing on her clit like you would a doorbell until she opens up and lets you in.

"She wouldn't give it up until I gave her the Clit Doorbell"
by Jeff D April 19, 2003

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Someone that puts an American Flag and/or some Sports franchise flag on their car when they drive around for everyone to see.
The Flaggit in that Ford Expedition must be a Lakers fan.
by Jeff D April 22, 2003

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One who's true identity is concealed due to social pressure, fear of judgement and genuine confusion about who the hell they really are.
J.D.'s outcognito adversely affected all his relationships until he was ultimately left totally alone to deal with himself and all the damage he had done.
by Jeff D July 16, 2005

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