Voluminous means spacious, vast, stretching out farther than you can imagine.
His yard was very voluminous
by Pixel Jadyn July 19, 2015
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okay. that kid is soo totally voluminous. im like, totally jelous.
by Plexi Glass February 29, 2008
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to excessively and unnecessarily increase the information regarding a particular topic or subject in order to bolster ones own self-importance.
Glenn Beck recently voluminated himself when he said, "You go to your PTA meetings, when somebody says something stupid—you go to your softball games, and when your kids win a trophy for just showing up, you take that trophy and you say our family doesn‘t accept stuff we didn‘t earn. This is a loser trophy." This gaff came only hours after Mr. Beck received an honorary doctorate from Liberty University.
by liberal tech guy May 19, 2010
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