51 definition by JeBus

From Latin meaning, a cum-guzzler, a pole smoker, a person who loves deez nuts in their mouth. A girl names Kelly who is a dike.
What did you have for lunch cock breath? Some cock?
by Jebus January 26, 2005

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Annoying scenester broad that won't shutup
"lo lo, please, shutup."
by JEBUS August 04, 2004

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ki ^^
by Jebus August 07, 2003

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when you seem stunned by something that someone says, then you sarcastically rip on em'
YEAAAAAH! ok then, i had nooo idea you liked the Gaytona 500!
by jebus January 15, 2004

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when a fart causes a purple sock to wave uncontrollably in the air.
Nesto ate Taco Bell for lunch and had a huge case of the wind sock.
by jebus October 14, 2003

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A joke of a league that runs "dumbed down" races and continues to betray the "vision" with which it was sold to it's fans.
The IRL get's lower TV ratings on ABC that a test pattern.
by Jebus January 06, 2005

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Your mom
Damn ugly ass mofo
by Jebus July 04, 2003

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