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The point at which you have no money to party. You "turned up" so many days in a row that you're "Knob Broke".
Hey Gigi, you going to the club this weekend?

Can't, i've been out the last three nights and now i'm Knob Broke.
by Jboymc February 14, 2017
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The act of going online with a specific purpose such as paying bills or e filing taxes only to get sidetracked by checking emails, social media sites, blog updates etc.
Dude, you've been online for an hour, are your taxes done yet?

No, first I got side tracked by checking email. That turned into sorting, organizing and replying to emails. Then I got side tracked by checking Facebook. That turned into scanning status updates and looking through old pictures. I got lost online.
by Jboymc March 28, 2011
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The stress created from the need to always use ideas from Pinterest for parties, gatherings and every day living.
Mom: I need to get little Billys party ready, first I have to make the empty paper towel roll party favors, then the leaf macaroni place mats, then the plastic grocery bag party hats...I have so much to do and the internet is down and I can't log onto Pinterest!!!

Sister: OMG your having Pinterstress.
by Jboymc September 18, 2012
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The science of hanging tarps around a campsite to produce the most effective rain resistant campsite.
It rained all weekend at the campground this past weekend we had to use Tarpology to keep the campsite dry.
by Jboymc November 12, 2009
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When someone asks if you're interested in doing something like going to a club or sporting event.
Joe: Hey, you down to go to the ball game football game Friday night?

Jayvon replies: I'm down like 4 flats.
by Jboymc September 15, 2021
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A weekend father that let's his children do anything they want when they visit. Also gives them anything they want creating very spoiled kids under the premise of not wanting them to be mad at him. Often the children boss the dad around even yelling at him with no reprisals.
My boyfriend let's his 10 year old daughter boss him around, he's a total Disney Dad.
by Jboymc July 6, 2009
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