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The so-called Italian "Godfather of Gore". Directed classics such as "The Beyond", "Zombie", "Don't Torture a Duckling" and "The New York Ripper".

His films are usually extremely violent and gory.

Born June 17, 1927 in Rome Italy. Originally a medical student. Continued to direct up until his death in 1996, of a diabetes-related illness.
Fulci's most well known work is 1979's "Zombie". An in-name-only sequel to George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead".
by JB January 19, 2004

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Unreasonably strong winds, generally in excess of force 7.
Its blowin a hooly out there.
by Jb July 21, 2003

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A term defining a harcore or tough person or someone with a lot of balls. Genetic anomallies, such as XXY, are often associated with meat axes, as are prison cells, but neither are requisite. Meat axe can be used with a positive intention.
That guy is a fucken meat axe.
He made that jump...what a meat axe.
by JB February 28, 2005

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A former royal capital of the Kingdom of Gondor. Osgiliath occupied both banks of the Anduin River in Gondor, situated between Minas Anor (aka Minas Tirith) in the west and Minas Ithil (aka Minas Morgul) in the east. The ancient city of Osgiliath was the jewel of the kingdom of Gondor, a center of culture and great beauty. Large, graceful bridges spanned the river and connected its two halves, one of the seven palantiri of the kingdom was kept there.

When Sauron returned to power and captured Minas Ithil, Osgiliath had already been in decline. Repeated attacks upon the city by the Nazgul and other followers of Sauron did not help matters. In the battles over the city, its bridges and great buildings were destroyed and control was divided between the west bank and the east bank. Eventually the city was abandoned and the capital moved to Minas Anor, but it remained an army outpost and a major point of contention between Mordor and Gondor. Even after the War of the Ring, it is unknown whether the city was rebuilt or not, though its abandoned ruins alone would have been a significant draw for many visitors to the area.
Osgiliath was featured in the movies The Two Towers and The Return of the King.
by JB March 06, 2004

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A wonderful alter-ego of Fight Club's narrator. Often misinterpereted by punks who have only seen the movie and didn't read the Palahniuk book.
Tyler Durdent started Project Mayhem.
by JB November 03, 2003

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male or female, that eats pussy rather well.
i am a dam good cuntguzzlar
by JB June 24, 2004

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The anus, also known as the brown eye. What horny bitches like to eat out to serve as payment after being fucked really hard.
Don't fuck with JD if you have a nice looking wifey! He'll smooth talk her into some rough sex, give her a couple of donkey punches, and convince her to eat his dirty onion ring. After that she'll come home and give you a long, stinky tongue kiss.
by JB May 14, 2004

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