a very beautiful, smart and talented girl. she looks like an angel, and she is the dream of every boy.
Wow I wish I was a "Romee"
by Purfectsmile March 4, 2017
Capital of Italy, the "Eternal City".
"Roma" in Italian.
by Belt May 14, 2003
One of the oldest cities in the world. The birth Place of the republican political system and western civilisation.

The city began as a small settlement established by twin Brothers Romulus and Remus nearly 2,500 years ago.

"All Roads lead to Rome" refers to the fact that all roads literally began in the city of Rome and expanded out to the provinces. The Umbilicus urbis Romae, a large cone shaped monument, marked the center of the city and Republic.

Augustus Caesar added the Milliarium Aureum which stood across from the Umbilicus urbis on the Rostra (the speakers Platform for political speeches). It was engraved with all of the Provinces of the Empire at that time and the distance from the monuments.

Today the "Eternal City" is considered , perhaps, one of the most romantic locations on Earth. Ancient edifices, music, good food and a long history is what Rome is most known for.
There is no better place to fall in love than Rome.
by Amadscientist April 15, 2009
Did you see Rome last week?

Yeah dude, Titus is the man.

I totally want to bone Cleopatra.

We need to stop wasting our lives.
by Sam Falik March 17, 2007
very smart, kind, and well treating. she has a laugh that is contagious and will make you smile all the time.
Romee is most common for a baby boys name.
by just a nanny here June 27, 2018
High-Class, or to your satisfaction
Don't get more rome than that.

Those shoes are rome.
by V the Blood Rose April 3, 2005
Most romantic city in Europe, where scooters zoom through the anchient streets, where the sound of love making coencides with church bells. Italia's capital and a historic wonderland/jungle
Italy's capital where every street corner offers a glimpse at anchient history.
by London to Tokyo to Madrid November 7, 2003