14 definitions by Jay Jay Cool Whip

(N.) a protein shake wherein milk is substituted with Bailey's liqueur.

Derives from the alcoholic beverage martini.
Jeff: How is Kevin so drunk, yet buff?
Mikal: He's been drinking a lot of Proteinis.

Mrs. Van Waltenberg: Darling, can you get me a martini?
Darling: It's 8am! Here, have this proteini.
by Jay Jay Cool Whip February 28, 2011
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(N) A whore. Derived from the region of the vagina called the labia.

The term flap is mostly used to describe any slut, skank, bimbo, man/whore, player, skeez, etc.

Recently, however, the term may describe a social event or gathering.

It can be followed by a series of adjectives including, but not limited to: loose, big, little, stinky, sticky, pink, gross, etc.

(Adj) Flappy

(Adv) Flappily
"Do you see Marie over there excessively kissing her new boyfriend. That woman is quite the flap."

"Yes, he began flirting with me many times today. That guy is totally a flap!"

"Oh Em Gee. Nobody is attending this social gathering. This party is such a flap."
by Jay Jay Cool Whip October 30, 2009
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N. A term equivalent to semen, a male's ejaculate.

It can be used in substitution of a vast array of epithets including, but not limited to: jizz, eggwhite, cum, sperm, goo, splooge, nut, cream, leche, etc.
Derived from the popular, mid-1970s musical genre.
Trevor: How do you make a tissue dance?
Jadon: Put a little disco sauce in it.
by Jay Jay Cool Whip December 09, 2009
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Adj. Of or relating to Dracula or, more generally, vampires. Scary, hot, bloodsucking, sparkly, etc.

Perhaps, also, a really cool potential band name.
1. Bill: This sky is so dark it makes me think of Transylvania.

Alan: It is draculactic indeed.

2.Suzanne: His teeth are sharp. Draculactic really.

3.Angie: Woo! Draculactic is my favorite band!

by Jay Jay Cool Whip December 05, 2010
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N. Glasses. Derived from the character, Clark Kent (of "Superman" fame). These glasses are black, plastic, thick frames of the wayfarer persuasion.

Recently have grown in popularity due to the post-millennial hipster uprising.
Amelia: Look at that guy's glasses. He's such a nerd.
Jadon: He's not a nerd! Those are genuine clarks!
Amelia: I love him now!!!!
by Jay Jay Cool Whip February 05, 2010
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N. A person who really enjoys the company of cats and/or has an addiction to them.
Derived from the term "alcoholic" which describes a person with an addiction to alcohol.

(Not to be confused with catholic)
"I'm so excited you are a catoholic!"

"Brenda has like 78 kittens and she loves them all. She is a catoholic"
by Jay Jay Cool Whip March 22, 2010
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N. Basically like normal cereal, but this time with South-of-the-Border fun. Replace cereal with corn chips. Replace Milk with Salsa. Pour in bowl and eat. It is a delicious way to enjoy the flavors of Mexico.
Linda: I want breakfast, but I'm so tired of boring American cereals.
Antoine: Don't fret, try this Mexican Cereal!
Both: Mmmmm!
by Jay Jay Cool Whip October 26, 2010
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