14 definitions by Jay Jay Cool Whip

(N) A whore. Derived from the region of the vagina called the labia.

The term flap is mostly used to describe any slut, skank, bimbo, man/whore, player, skeez, etc.

Recently, however, the term may describe a social event or gathering.

It can be followed by a series of adjectives including, but not limited to: loose, big, little, stinky, sticky, pink, gross, etc.

(Adj) Flappy

(Adv) Flappily
"Do you see Marie over there excessively kissing her new boyfriend. That woman is quite the flap."

"Yes, he began flirting with me many times today. That guy is totally a flap!"

"Oh Em Gee. Nobody is attending this social gathering. This party is such a flap."
by Jay Jay Cool Whip October 30, 2009
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N. (ĭn-fĭn'ĭ-tē-wā)
1. an orgy between any amount of people.
2. an orgy between 100+ people
3. an orgy between infinity people
Andrew: Where's Sheila?
Kelvin: She's at the hotel having an infinity-way

Tannika: My abs are so sore since I was in that infinity-way.
by Jay Jay Cool Whip March 12, 2011
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N. Glasses. Derived from the name of the singer Buddy Holly.
These glasses are black, plastic, thick framed and of the wayfarer persuasion.
Recently, they've grown in popularity due to the post-millennial hipster uprising.
"He doesn't look the same without hollies on."

"Where can I get a pair of hollies like that?"
by Jay Jay Cool Whip February 05, 2010
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N. A term equivalent to semen, a male's ejaculate.

It can be used in substitution of a vast array of epithets including, but not limited to: jizz, eggwhite, cum, sperm, goo, splooge, nut, cream, leche, etc.
Derived from the popular, mid-1970s musical genre.
Trevor: How do you make a tissue dance?
Jadon: Put a little disco sauce in it.
by Jay Jay Cool Whip December 09, 2009
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N. A cocktail containing one part orange soda and one part beer.

Modeled after the more distinguished and sophisticated "Mimosa" which contains orange juice and champagne.
Trailermosas are commonly consumed in the warm summer months at highly impoverished locations by lower-class people.
"Is Sandy over on her mobile-home porch, drinking trailermosas?"

"Come on over to my trailer court for cocktails; we've got trailermosas!"
by Jay Jay Cool Whip May 20, 2011
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(Adj.) Used to describe that level of adorability at which point one may throw-up due to such cuteness. Really sweet, freakin' adorable, Precious, etc.

Items of such a level may include baby animals, whimsically colored anything, flowers, and even a pair of people dating.

**Please note that these items do not induce actual vomit.
"Those puppies are playing inside a giant bubble filled with ice cream! That sure is throw-up cute."

"My mom just had kittens instead of babies! They are throw-up cute!"

"Aw: the couplage of Tommy and Jane is sooo throw-up cute"
by Jay Jay Cool Whip March 25, 2010
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N. The proper term for a double ear piercing adorned with a straight barbell. Normally, these piercings are located on the upper cartilage of the ear.

Derived from how it is referenced by both wearers and onlookers of the piercing.

Generally worn by "Punks" and the like to appear rebellious, pugnacious, disobedient, unruly, etc.
"Check out my Sweet Industrial"

"Hey, I heard Nancy just got a Sweet Industrial"

"I dare you to get a Sweet Industrial"

by Jay Jay Cool Whip April 08, 2010
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