A severely underrated hero. Partly due to bad writing and partly due to idiots who refuse to a little bit of research.

Real name Arthur Curry born of a human father and Atlantian mother. His abilities are not limited to talking to fish, he can communicate with ALL marine life (whales, sharks, giant squids, etc.). He also has super strength (spiderman level on land, superman level in the ocean.) He's and expert sword combatant and has a magic hand the negates magic attacks, so fan favorites like Loki are screwed!

On top of all of that, HES THE GODDAMN KING OF ATLANTIS!!
Generic Douche: "You suck Aquaman!"

*Aquaman grabs douche and hurls him into the sky*

Aquaman: "Whatever you say"
by Redfoxboss October 16, 2014
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A comic superhero with the powers to swim, breath under water, and talk to fish. He helps save drowning women and fights ocean pollution. He will never be made into movie, be noticed, or get readership.
"Quick Aquaman, the city's in trouble, go swim to Batman's beach house and get him to help!"
by Dan Copulsky May 8, 2005
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A comic book superhero (introduced November 1941) who us frequently and unjustifiably ridiculed for misunderstanding of powers. He is an Atlantean Prince who was sent to live on the surface for several years until discovering his powers, such a super strength, super speed, hydrokinesis, health regeneration, etc.
He is a founding member of the Justice League who despite false ridiculing frequently operates on land with his fellow JLA members.
He is soon to be adapted into film being portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa.
Aquaman likes to defeat his enemies using his mighty trident.
by Rā's al Ghul November 6, 2014
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Probably the most useless superhero for the Superfriends. He uses his powers to talk to fish.

Adult Swim, however, helped his career by, long ago, having him stand in front of a group of people and shake his booty. He was also interviewed on Cartoon Network and he explained his ability to communicate with sealife.
"*voice of the announcer-slash-narrator of the Justice Friends* using his telepathic powers Aquaman summons a can of sardines; buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh (that's the sound of his telepathic waves)..."
-Frank Caliento (spelling?), from a skit in Bob & Tom, ripping on Aquaman
by Dave March 30, 2004
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The same as the "Motorboat" except downtown. When a guy goes down on a woman for sexual pleasure. A.k.a The "Downtown Motorboat", "Scuba Kitty", and "Southern Motorboat".
Lastnight I did the "Aquaman" on my woman.
by Matt Damele July 18, 2006
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Simply the most useless superhero ever. He talks to fish and attempted to put out a fire burning on water, and managed to flood new york.
Aquaman, Aquaman
Look over there, its Aquaman
Swims real fast
Talks to Fish
cook him up
Tasty Dish
Oh yeah, its the Aquaman
by Jsmart September 17, 2007
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