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The forgotten letter of the alphabet, which cannot be typed.

it is locked away in a cave on an island and not permitted to be used in any words.
An example of a word using the letter vluh is not possible, since vluh is forbidden to all.
by James Paige April 06, 2006
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Thankvenge is the opposite of revenge. When somebody does something nice for you, and you plot and scheme a way to return the favor upon them, you have had your thankvenge.
A gift, huh? For me? Oh, I see how it is! A very NICE gift, isn't it? Well just you wait! I will bide my time, and when the moment is right, when you least expect it, I shall wreck my terrible thankvenge upon thee! You have been warned! Thankvengeance shall be mine! HAHAHAHAHA!
by James Paige September 01, 2009
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adjective; the exact the opposite of spiffy
You used to be pretty smeppy, but you have really tidied yourself up. Nice hat!
by James Paige March 21, 2006
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(1) used to describe a thing which is conspicuously and shamelessly bigger than it needs to be.
Origins: A PK-Fortisism. Derived from the noise a giant robot makes before it crushes a weaker opponent.
As much as I love games, I don't really like the idea of a gigantor-omega-honk game that tries to simulate a whole life in a whole alternate world where I get penalized for not playing daily.
by James Paige April 17, 2005
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Verb: to simultaneously crawl and mewl in a viciously pathetic manner, calculated to melt the hearts of David Bowie and his hot, hot wife.
I know if you're asking one person to marry you, tradition says to get down on one knee. So since I'm asking both of them, should I get down on both knees, or maybe vrawl around after them?

Examples of vrawling can be seen in several Davie Bowie music videos
by James Paige November 08, 2005
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