4 definitions by Jaker

Frutos es un lurker.
Frutos, you are a lurker!
by Jaker October 7, 2003
A) The assiest guy ever to walk the face of the planet...

B) A reign of chaos so sedistic and insane, that it has only happened once. Usually lasts up to three years. Otherwise known as WWII
A) Inferno Reign watches "The Weekenders". HA! what a loser...

B) The Inferno Reign in the 40's was so powerful, that 4 million people died. how sad...
by Jaker June 14, 2006
When one has "gambled and lost," they have tried to fart, but in the process, some fecal matter has come out. Usually resulting in a "shower of shame." Opposite of "gambled and won."
Rory: Hey, where's Jake?
Brian: Oh, he gambled and lost and now he is taking a shower of shame.
by Jaker February 4, 2006