A vape, but you pay £45k a year for the rights to use the word
Tarquinius, Lemme get some tonk before I go to Latin.
by Fiddynic December 7, 2021
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British slang word for muscular or 'strong-looking'
it has been used to describe girls as hot as well nowadays. It acts as a double for the word 'fit' :)
Girl: Oh he's so tonk, did you see him at football with his shirt off.
by dinaaaaah August 16, 2010
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Tonk is the word given to an E-Cig (also known as a vape). This word is used by London Teens who go to Eton but speak like a road man.
Yo Milton stop hogging the Tonk!!!!!
by Benjameen baffurst August 6, 2020
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A well built, extremely muscular and frankly beast of a man.
A huge women, big mama-esque.
Fam, that yute is tonk!

Wow she is tonk, not about that life ?!?
by Vybzmafia November 4, 2017
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A slur nickname for illegal aliens from Mexico, originally coming into use by the US border patrol. The name is supposedly derived from the noise that is produced when one hits an illegal immigrant with a mag light.
"I'm sick of all these Tonks sneaking into the US."
by Scottyman Crimson Hair May 3, 2007
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A UK slang name for a vape or juul.


To be in the process of vaping - past, future, present
"Do you have your tonk?" Lad 1 asked
" Yeah fam I don't leave the gaf without it" replied Lad 2


"Where's he going?" Lad 1 aaked
"To the toilets for a tonk" relied Lad 2
by Mike_____Honcho May 11, 2019
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The Etonian slang for a “vape”.

One must only use the noun if their parents make seven figure incomes.
“Mate your tonk is so dead! Cop a new pod you povo.”
by Benjameen baffurst March 7, 2022
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