78 definitions by Jackie

One of the most impressive skaters, and he is so damn sexy, and just has that aura that makes you want to just jump into the television and kiss him!!
have a look for yourself.. i think anybody would agree!
by Jackie October 12, 2003
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when some one dosent last long!!
when spidy dosent last long!!!!you know who im talking about!!!!!!1
by Jackie June 12, 2003
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sexy guys and gals that perform the Rocky Horror Picture Showand yes, they do show a lot of booty!!!
hot guys in corsetsdancing with boas
by Jackie February 23, 2004
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Formally known as A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) Plays on the Yankees, supposed to be the next Babe Ruth, but just turned out to cost the yankees the world series

...YEAH BOSTON!!!!!!!
"can you believe A-fraud hit the ball out if his hand?"

"A-rod? A-fruad more like it!"
by Jackie October 31, 2004
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the hottest most sexy type of girl you will ever lay eyes on. come from the country of jordan. sooo hott beautiful eyes, hott bodies, amazing personalities...
look at dem jordanians....mamis be sexxiiii
by Jackie December 29, 2004
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A city north of West Palm Beach, FL, located at the top of Palm Beach County. A great place to live. Lots of great restaurants as well.
Lets drive to Jupiter.
by Jackie January 17, 2005
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