22 definitions by Jack Meoff

first of all the 4th definition is fucking bullshit, furthermore
Homo-fag an extremely gay person, thing midget, or penis, ect ect
U fucked your dad therefore u r a homofag
by jack meoff November 17, 2003
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Relating to how long a fart can sustain it's intenisty of smell
Dude that fart got some terrible hang time
by Jack Meoff May 05, 2004
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When you slap someone (preferly a chick) with ur penis
I tom-tomed her last night accross her tits
by Jack Meoff July 10, 2003
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Is and abbreviation for silent but deadly which usaully relates to a silent expulshin of methane gases and has terrible oder and hang time
Ohh what smells i didnt even here it comming
by Jack Meoff May 05, 2004
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adj: 1sexy 2when something eminates sex or exudes an unlimited amount of attractiveness 3 las vegas 4 when a chick uses a vibe
damn that chick is electric sex
by jack meoff December 26, 2004
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a name which u can blame anything on
such as rape, molestation of small boys
used by priest frequently when questioned about his love life with god
i didn't have sex with that woman pieter did
by jack meoff November 12, 2003
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The act of giving someone a hot n' cheesey, is to stick the male organ into an elongated tube sock that has been sweat in, and filled with nacho cheese that was just cooked. Once the cheese and sock begin to stink, slide the organ in and slap someone in the face with it, preferably the skeez.
MMMMMMmmmmm that was quite a delicious hot n' cheesey you gave me!
by Jack Meoff February 06, 2005
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