13 definitions by J4VA

That one person who copy’s your work/personality to act cool but instead embarrassed themselves.
Jason is such a copyprick, everything I do, he does.”
“Dude, I noticed that ages ago, I just didn’t know if I should have told you.”
by J4VA January 4, 2023
That moment where you try to describe a song to somebody but you don’t know the lyrics.
“What’s that one song called?”
“Which one?”
“The one that goes… bum bum do do… bum bum do….”
“I swear to god you always get Music Memory..”
by J4VA January 4, 2023
When an infant just randomly fucking dies for literally no reason. Nobody knows why.
“Maaan my baby just died of SIDS.”
“Damn sorry for your loss bro..”
“Nah don’t worry about it, I hated the little shit anyways.”
by J4VA January 4, 2023
That one person who genuinely nobody likes for a certain reason. Everybody knows who you are talking about as soon as you say this.
“That One Guy just asked the teacher about the homework and she forgot about it until he told her.”
What a dick, that’s the reason nobody fucking likes him.”
by J4VA January 4, 2023
A word that’s a step below the word fuck.
The Five Stages Of Fuck!’
“Duck, Fudge, Frick, Friggin and last of course, FUCK!”
by J4VA January 4, 2023
You down to watch some South Park?”
by J4VA January 4, 2023