An awesome talented rapper who not only raps but also combines it with metal screaming that has a good flow into it.
He also used to be in a metal band known as Myth City and use to be a Youtuber under the name of Mazzi Maz.
Yo, Scarlxrd's music can really get you hyped!!!
by CLXWNMA$K June 06, 2019
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A scream rapper who is fire af, he has a phobic of the letter O and replaces them with X in his song titles
known best for his 2017 hit song HEART ATTACKS PROD JVCXB
Mark: hey bro did you hear that the new scarlxrd albums DXXM 2 is dropping soon?
Dylan: yes bro I'm hyped it's gonna be lit 🔥
by B1g w1ll13 October 21, 2020
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A rapper known mostly for his screaming lyrics fused with trap beats and his songs such as HEART ATTACK prod. JVCXB, and 6 FEET blowing up in late 2017 to early 2018 and at this time has released 11 albums DXXM 2 being next released in February of 2021.
Yo, scarlxrd makes me so hyped whenever I listen, you should check him out!
by ButterSLIM December 20, 2020
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