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A phrase used to make fun of someone. Used by Stiffler in American Pie.
You're a shit brick.
by Internet August 28, 2003
Crappy town in Sussex County New Jersey. Consists of woods, many hills, and bumpy roads.
I live in Hopatcong where the roads are in the worst condition.
by Internet August 28, 2003
The act of fucking someone's head or a blowjob in which the man thrusts his penis in the woman's mouth in an act of fucking her head.
Jimmmy head fucked Jane until she gagged.
by Internet August 28, 2003
A peculiar gamer and e-personality whose skills are derived from his velcro shoes.
oh great, look who's here... that guy is such a necroninja.
by Internet February 19, 2004
A sexual friend, as in Boyfriend and girlfriend.
Can be homosexual.
This hot chick that I'm bangin is my partner.
by Internet August 28, 2003