5 definitions by Indeed

someone who certainly does not need any form of caffeine, sugar, or other commodities that would boost the energy level thereof
by Indeed February 9, 2004
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a 20 foot yugoslavian feather duster who molesters bosnian children and hong kongian monkeys
damn i love the one
by Indeed June 26, 2003
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Cat, originates from a girl called Cat, who is obsessed with the british band, Muse.
Oh look, there's a Cat collapsing at the sight of Matthew Bellamy!
by Indeed June 1, 2004
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a boy who hasnt got a clue who he wants. he wants wot he cant have,n wen he does get it, he throws it away, a dreamer, and will settle down with the wrong person to spite another.
" ...i dont want u bk.."
by Indeed March 21, 2004
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Such a majestic god like creature... so hot with a huge cock that can overwhelm any girl at the bar with just a glimpse through his dick imprint on his pants.... very interesting guy who knows to play all instruments without even trying like literally can play anything even the strings to a girls heart. He really knows how to fuck and fuck he does, most girls can’t keep undressing him with their eyes; did I say he has a huge cock? Well he does. With each tattoo you find on him well just gives him an extra inch to his penis not like he needs any more but all seriousness if you have him keep him before he goes to a different path of life helping others and giving wink wink
Dayium is that Abraham can’t believe I didn’t give him a chance before * kamikaze self* friend of her’s: NOOO!!!! Debra why!!?!??!!!
by Indeed November 22, 2021
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