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Cat, originates from a girl called Cat, who is obsessed with the british band, Muse.
Oh look, there's a Cat collapsing at the sight of Matthew Bellamy!
by Indeed June 01, 2004

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someone who certainly does not need any form of caffeine, sugar, or other commodities that would boost the energy level thereof
amber siddle
by indeed February 08, 2004

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a boy who hasnt got a clue who he wants. he wants wot he cant have,n wen he does get it, he throws it away, a dreamer, and will settle down with the wrong person to spite another.
" ...i dont want u bk.."
by indeed March 21, 2004

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a 20 foot yugoslavian feather duster who molesters bosnian children and hong kongian monkeys
damn i love the one
by indeed June 26, 2003

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Someone that looks like a nazi, A NAZI on WEED.

He also likes the penis.
Picture a Hitler, now picture a Hitler that looks like a grandmother on weed.
Now you got tao_master!
by indeed January 03, 2004

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